Ah, I see you are detail oriented, for you have discovered DJ’s secret challenge. Very good. Complete the following challenge and show us your ambition.

Advertising is all about emotion. Sometimes you need to make someone smile or laugh, other times you need to make them feel a legitimate human connection to a brand. The way you do it might be with an app, a video, a picture, a banner ad, or a line of copy but the ability to make people feel something is universal.

My challenge is to submit something that generates an emotional response. That response could be a happiness, or anger, or an intense hunger for a chipotle burrito. You don’t have to explain what emotion it should invoke, but it should hit us right in the feels, in one way or another.

You can submit something you have created in the past or you can create something new based on the challenge.

Good luck… and remember, sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at somethin